Power & Consumption

Dive deep into natural gas consumption data by power plants, local distribution companies, and industrial consumers within the lower 48 states.

Supply & Consumption Database

Updated daily, this database provides daily, weekly and monthly supply and consumption figures as well as historical data for 18 regions within the lower 48 states. Every report contains supply and consumption data balanced with EIA data and is represented as a graph, map and data sheet for each region. Also shown is the weekly supply change versus last year along with the change from prior years for wellhead production, Canadian imports, Mexican exports, LNG imports, total supply, net storage, electrical power consumption, and implied total consumption to provide a total picture.


Power Plant Database

Includes daily natural gas consumption by power plant for each region and the lower 48 states. Volumes for all 15 regions are illustrated with easy-to-read receipt graphs, maps and data sheets. The Power Plant Weekly Summary report contains daily, weekly and monthly power plant volumes for the most recent seven days, seven weeks and seven months comparing gas power burn to the year prior.

Consumption Database

Identifies natural gas being consumed by electric power plants, industrial plants and local distribution companies. It also captures demand from electric and industrial plants as well as residential and commercial customers. This database is updated daily and provides daily, weekly and monthly data, plus historical data, for 14 different regions.


Industrial Gas Database

Contains data that identify natural gas being utilized by industrial consumers. Updated daily, this database provides daily, weekly, and monthly deliveries, as well as historical data, for 14 different regions with year-over-year comparisons, plus the lower 48 states aggregate. Also included is an easy-to-read map of these regionals with drill-in capabilities.


Nuclear Plant Database

Analyzes and categorizes the daily operational status data of 104 reactors located at 64 plants in 32 states. The data is organized by region and Independent System Operator. Updated each morning, it provides daily data for the past week up to the current day. It shows the change in total U.S. capacity detailed and sub-totaled from the region down to the plant level.


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