Gas Fundamentals Daily

Comprehensive daily analysis of natural gas market fundamentals

Exceptional Natural Gas Market Commentary

PointLogic Energy’s energy market analysts – who have decades of experience in writing about the real mechanics and catalysts driving the futures and physical natural gas markets – publish top-notch market commentary in Gas Fundamentals Daily each trading day. It is delivered to you early each morning in order to put you ahead of the curve to start your day.

Comprehensive Natural Gas Supply and Demand Data

Our natural gas fundamental data depicts the changes in supply and demand information from every angle each day. Each morning, Gas Fundamentals Daily publishes comprehensive gas market data, including wellhead gas supply and the major segments of demand – so you’ll know exactly where actual supply and demand stands. This is not lagging data that the Energy Information Administration (EIA) publishes, but ‘daily’ data that you can use to assess the supply-demand equilibrium every single morning.Click the Gas Fundamentals Daily cover image for a sample issue.

Natural Gas Futures Market Analysis

Gas Fundamentals Daily offers some of the best natural gas futures market analysis published in the industry with daily futures commentary and technical analysis of where prompt-month gas futures prices are most likely headed. We take a pro-active approach in identifying all of the ‘price setting mechanisms’ that not only includes market fundamental data, but also includes market sentiment and psychology behind the price trends.

Insightful Daily Weather Commentary and Analysis

A subscription to Gas Fundamentals Daily gives you insightful daily weather commentary and analysis that rivals the forecast commentary published by expensive private major weather forecast services. Our analyst team has experience working for some of the biggest names in the weather forecast industry and we bring that knowledge and insight to Gas Fundamentals Dailyin every issue.

Insight and Commentary on Storage Data

Because of our comprehensive gas market fundamental analysis, Gas Fundamentals Daily also offers great insight into the weekly EIA storage data prior to its publishing. We not only model the storage data each week, which has a very good history of accuracy compared to the published EIA storage number; but we also offer commentary and history of the storage data to size up how the market may respond to the release of the EIA’s storage report each Thursday.


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