Houston, TX

November 16-17, 2017




Expert Natural Gas Market Trend Analysis

Dear Colleague,

Natural gas prices have rebounded this year from sub-$2.00/MMBtu lows in 2016, but producers, midstream operators and investors know that the industry still has significant untapped potential. As U.S. exports increase and as the buildout of the Northeast gas infrastructure comes online, the market will continue to be dynamic.

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Check out the agenda. You’ll get deep-dive information based on PointLogic’s quantitative models and market contacts, covering these and other key industry topics:

  • In the spring, U.S. gas production started to show signs of recovery. Will it continue?
  • When will key pipelines relieve congestion for Appalachian producers – and what impact will it have on production and prices?
  • Gas power burn set a record in 2016. Is it happening again?
  • At what level will gas storage begin for winter 2017/18? Where will it end?
  • Which international markets are U.S. LNG producers targeting – and how quickly can they establish their positions?
  • Detailed, up-to-the-minute forecasts for gas supply, demand and inventories – segmented by key regional markets.

Get your questions answered. During and after each presentation, talk with our experts about the forces and factors that are driving the gas industry today. We will help you develop a tactical approach for your business success in 2017 and beyond.

Join us in Houston to get on top of all the key trends for the years ahead.


Randy Rischard

President, PointLogic Energy





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