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North American Natural Gas: Back from the Brink and On the Path
to Recovery

It is often said that the best cure for low prices is low prices! In this webinar, PointLogic Energy will take an in-depth look at natural gas in North America and describe how a price recovery for the fossil fuel is already in the making.

Webinar highlights include:

  • A review of natural gas production in the lower 48 and explanation of recent declines.

  • A forward-looking view of demand and storage this summer and anticipated requirements for winter 16/17.

  • A forecast for production and explanation of just how much production will need to recover in the near and longer term to sustain a balanced market.  

  • Impact on the future price of the commodity. 

This FREE webinar will give you an expert analysis of what's in store for natural gas this summer and beyond. You'll be armed with critical intelligence, not available anywhere else, to help you make the smartest operational decisions.

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Forecast vs 5-Year Average Summer 2016 vs Summer 2015


Your Expert Presenters

Jack Weixel

Jack Weixel
Vice President, Analysis
PointLogic Energy

Jack leads PointLogic Energy's analysis unit with more than 16 years of experience following the North American natural gas markets. In previous positions with Bentek Energy he created well-known analytic reports on supply and demand, power burn, and industrial end users. He also has extensive experience in energy regulation.

Warren Waite

Warren Waite
Manager, Analysis
PointLogic Energy

Warren has14 years of energy experience focused on the physical natural gas markets throughout North America. Before joining PointLogic Energy, Warren managed North America gas and power content for Bentek Energy. Warren has also held various front office positions in Houston and Chicago with a handful of natural gas trading companies.


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Who Should Watch

  • Traders/Brokers
  • Natural Gas Marketers
  • Analysts
  • Producers
  • Pipeline Owners/Operators
  • Energy Regulators


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