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About Us

PointLogic Energy provides very granular oil and gas fundamentals data and expert micro and macro trend analysis for all sectors of the energy industry, but with an emphasis on the oil and gas supply chain from the wellhead to end-use.

Our team of energy experts produce cutting edge, dynamic products that deliver data, mapping, analysis and news on energy supply, transportation, demand, assets and infrastructure.  We also provide some of the industry's most widely-respected forecasting models and advisory services, as well as commodity price indexes.

PointLogic Energy is part of OPIS (Oil Price Information Service) by IHS Markit and incorporates the former LCI Energy Insight, an 18-year-old energy fundamentals and analytics firm with a reputation for having the most accurate data available.

Read more about how PointLogic's reliable natural gas fundamentals data -- delivered via an interactive visual interface -- and its expert analysis will help you make better calls faster.

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PointLogic Energy, as a service of OPIS by IHS Markit, complies with all international standards for price reporting agencies set forth by IOSCO, the International Organization of Securities Commissions for spot market pricing.
Read the Natural Gas Price Indices Methodology here, or view the PDF here.

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